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93-97 Nissan Altima Carbon Fiber Paint/Smoke Lens K6 Power Side Mirrors w/ Blue LED Signals + Blue LED Arrows

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Item Description
  • 100% Brand New in Box
  • This is for a pair of mirrors to replace your left and right side wing mirrors
  • K6 Style Side Mirrors with LED blue arrow built in the mirror functions as the turn signal lights and another set of LED on the side of the mirror under the smoked lens
  • Made of high quality ABS plastic
  • Carbon Fiber Painted (Not Real Carbon Fiber) with smoke tinted signal lens
  • Whole Mirror Size: 4.25" x 8.5" x 7", Lens Size: 5" x 3.5"
  • This is a POWER MIRRORS with built-in motor, so you can adjust the angle of the mirror with the button inside your vehicle. It only applies to vehicle that already have power mirror feature; and if your car has manual mirrors, and you should look at our manual mirrors instead.
  • Comes with mounting base brackets and screws for installation.  Mounting bases are car specific and might look slightly different from the picture shown above, but fitment is guaranteed.
  • Direct replacement for the stock mirrors and no modification needed.
  • Installation instruction is not included, professional installation is highly recommended.

You need to wire the LED to your turn signal wires, so when you flash your turn signal the side L.E.D. will blink:

Step-by-step Installation:

Step1. Remove factory mirror, (for reference purposes please remove and install them one at a time) from vehicle door assembly ensuring not to damage mirror or door (please refer to vehicle shop manual for removal procedures).

Step 2. If base of mirror was not removed, during removal of mirror, then do so at this time.

Step 3. The mirror will only sit in bracket one way and the mirror base will only fit correctly on door one way, please make sure you have the correct side bracket and mirror needed for the door assembly you are working on. Run the wires from the mirror through the largest hole in the mirror base and through the door assembly. Take aftermarket mirror base and mirror, and install on door assembly.

Step 4. Once the mirrors are installed on door assembly wire up the mirrors according to what color and function you want on the mirrors. If your side mirrors are with two LEDs options, the blue wire is for the blue LEDs, the white wire is for the amber LEDs, and the black is ground; If your side mirrors are with one LEDs options, the blue and white wires will be the LED signal and the arrows, etc.

Step 5. For aftermarket power mirrors refer to shop manual for wiring instructions on the power functions.


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